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Learn Chinese with Our Professional Chinese Tuition Centre in Novena

Looking to master Chinese in Novena? You’ve found your perfect match! At Hao Chinese Tuition Centre, we’ve got a suite of dynamic Chinese programs for kids aged 3 to 16. Our lively, bilingual teachers are here to make learning Mandarin a breeze, sparking curiosity and confidence in your child. Swing by and let’s turn Novena into the new hub for brilliant young Chinese speakers!

Hao Chinese Language Centre in Novena: Excellence in Chinese Tuition

Hao Chinese Tuition Centre, an MOE-registered hub for learning Mandarin, stands out in Novena for exceptional Chinese tuition. Founded by experienced educators and parents, our team of ex-MOE teachers and bilingual experts with advanced degrees is dedicated to providing top-tier Chinese classes for children aged 3 to 16, focusing on early literacy and comprehensive language development.


Combining academic excellence with cultural immersion, our unique approach empowers students with confidence and skills to thrive in the Chinese-speaking world. Whether it’s for academic success or personal growth, our nurturing environment ensures your child flourishes in Chinese language proficiency. Join us in Novena and experience the magic of Hao Chinese Tuition Centre!

Our Chinese Language Programmes in Novena

At Hao Chinese Tuition Centre in Novena, our meticulously designed Chinese Language Programmes are crafted to elevate students’ mastery of Mandarin, catering to every level from preschool to secondary. By leveraging innovative teaching methods and engaging materials, we foster a deep appreciation and understanding of the Chinese language, ensuring students excel in their studies and develop a lifelong love for Mandarin.

Preschool (3-6 years old)


At Hao Chinese Tuition Centre in Novena, our Preschool (N1-K2) Programme sets the foundation for Primary education. With our unique *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) method, we emphasise early literacy development, ensuring your child is well-prepared and confident to begin their educational journey.

Primary School (7-12 years old)

Primary (标语)

Aligned with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, our Primary School Programme prepares students for assessments and PSLE exams with confidence. We focus on the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, composition writing, and school rubrics, ensuring that your child excels in their studies.

2R: Read & Recognition (Primary levels)

Our 2R (Read and Recognition) Programme supports Primary students who struggle with the Chinese language. Students scoring below 60% in Paper 2 are strongly advised to enrol in this course to rebuild foundational skills and be well-prepared for their next PSLE attempt.

Secondary School (13-16 yrs)

secondary chinese origin

Our Secondary School Programme, tailored to the current MOE Chinese syllabus and marking schemes, equips your child for Chinese exams and the GCE ‘O’ Level with confidence. With small class sizes averaging 6-8 students, we ensure each student receives personalised attention to help them succeed.

Han Yu Pin Yin

Han Yu Pin Yin banner

Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme comprises a series of 12 focused lessons. This course helps students master pronunciation, improve Chinese reading skills, prepare for Primary school, and effectively use the Pinyin keyboard for Chinese input.

Meet Our Expert Chinese Teachers in Novena

At Hao Chinese Tuition Centre, our success is rooted in a dedicated team of educators who bring passion and expertise to every lesson. Here’s what sets our Novena teachers apart:

  • Ex-MOE Chinese Teachers: Many of our teachers are former MOE professionals with extensive experience in Singapore’s mainstream education system. Their deep understanding of the MOE syllabus ensures that our students receive high-quality education tailored to their needs.
  • Advanced Degree Holders: Our team includes educators with Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Chinese language and education. Their profound subject knowledge enriches our curriculum and provides students with an exceptional learning experience.
  • Passionate Educators: Our teachers are united by their shared passion for teaching Chinese. They go beyond the syllabus to make each lesson engaging, fostering a genuine love for the language in every student.
  • Lifelong Learners: Our team is committed to continuous professional development, keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in Chinese language education. This dedication ensures our teaching methods remain innovative and effective.

Together, our team in Novena creates an inspiring environment that nurtures a love for the Chinese language and culture. Experience the difference at Hao Chinese Tuition Centre!

Why Choose Hao Chinese Tuition Centre in Novena?

Conveniently located in the heart of Bukit Batok, our centre is easily reachable by both public and private transport. With state-of-the-art, child-friendly amenities and a supportive learning atmosphere, your child will find their journey of learning Chinese a delightful one.

Comprehensive Programmes for All Ages

From preschoolers to secondary school students, our meticulously designed programmes cater to all age groups, ensuring a seamless progression of Mandarin proficiency. Whether it’s building foundational literacy or preparing for crucial exams like PSLE and GCE ‘O’ Levels, we’ve got your child covered.

Expert Educators

Our team comprises ex-MOE Chinese teachers and advanced degree holders who bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom. With their deep understanding of the MOE syllabus and innovative teaching techniques, your child will receive top-quality education.

Personalised Attention

With small class sizes averaging 6-8 students, each child receives personalised attention to address their unique learning needs. This ensures that no student is left behind and that every lesson is engaging and impactful.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our unique approaches like *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) and 2R (Read & Recognition) are designed to ignite a passion for learning Mandarin while improving literacy and comprehension. We also integrate cultural immersion activities to deepen the learning experience.

Cutting-Edge Resources

Leveraging innovative teaching materials and methods, we ensure students excel not only academically but also develop a genuine appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

Convenient Location in Novena

Situated in the heart of Novena, our centre is easily accessible, making it convenient for parents and students alike.

Proven Track Record

With countless success stories and positive feedback from parents and students, Hao Chinese Tuition Centre is trusted by families across Singapore. Join us in Novena and let’s shape a bright future for your child together!

Choose HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Bukit Batok and empower your child in mastering the Chinese language.

Innovative Teaching Strategies at Hao Chinese Language Centre in Novena

Contextual Learning MethodologyInnovative Composition InsightsInsightful Reading Framework
Our Contextual Learning Methodology, a cornerstone of our Chinese tuition in Singapore, immerses students in real-life scenarios to enhance their mastery of the language. Ideal for both primary and higher Chinese levels, this approach encourages the active use of vocabulary and grammar, significantly boosting confidence and proficiency in spontaneous communication.With Innovative Composition Insights, we redefine the teaching of composition, essential for students striving for excellence in secondary Chinese and O Level exams. This thematic, structured approach empowers students to craft compelling narratives, enhancing storytelling skills—a crucial component of our Chinese lessons.Our Insightful Reading Framework introduces advanced text analysis techniques, fostering deeper comprehension and critical thinking. Integral to our teaching methodology, this framework lays a solid foundation for students from primary to higher Chinese tuition, helping them excel in comprehension exams and embodying the essence of effective Chinese tuition in Singapore.

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"My child's confidence in speaking and understanding Chinese has grown leaps and bounds since joining HAO in Bukit Batok."

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"The location in Bukit Batok is convenient, and the facilities are top-notch. Highly recommend the HAO Chinese Tuition Centre!"

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Our goal is to cultivate confidence in our students to perform and attain high level achievement in Chinese language.

Chinese Tuition in Novena Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Chinese tuition for children aged 3 to 16, ranging from preschool (N1-K2) to secondary school levels. Our programmes are tailored to each age group, ensuring comprehensive language development.

Our Preschool Programme (N1-K2) focuses on early literacy development through the *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) method. We emphasise foundational Mandarin skills, preparing your child for primary education with confidence.

Our Primary School Programme aligns with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, emphasising Chinese composition, comprehension, and oral skills. We also offer the 2R (Read & Recognition) Programme for students scoring below 60% in Paper 2 to strengthen their fundamentals.

Our Secondary School Programme is tailored to the current MOE Chinese syllabus and marking schemes. We focus on composition, comprehension, and oral skills to help students confidently tackle their Chinese exams and the GCE ‘O’ Level.

The Han Yu Pin Yin Programme is a series of 12 focused lessons that help students master pronunciation, improve reading skills, and prepare for primary school. It also enables students to effectively use the Pinyin keyboard for Chinese input.

We maintain small class sizes averaging 6-8 students to ensure personalised attention and to maximise each student’s learning experience.

We use innovative methods like the *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) and 2R (Read & Recognition) Programmes for early literacy and foundational skills. Our Contextual Learning Methodology immerses students in real-life situations, while our Dynamic Composition Insights revolutionises composition teaching.

Absolutely! Our team includes ex-MOE Chinese teachers and educators with advanced degrees. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom, ensuring a top-tier education for your child.

Our Contextual Learning Methodology immerses students in real-life scenarios to encourage active use of vocabulary and grammar. This significantly boosts confidence and proficiency in spontaneous communication.

We use cutting-edge teaching materials and methods, including our Insightful Reading Framework, which promotes critical thinking and deep comprehension. These resources ensure students excel academically while developing a love for the Chinese language and culture.

Transform Your Child's Future with Our Chinese Tuition in Novena

Enhance your Mandarin skills with our specialised Chinese lessons and tuition programs at Hao Chinese Tuition Centre in Novena. Begin your journey to fluency today—explore our comprehensive courses and let us ignite your passion for learning Chinese!

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