(Registered with MOE)

Primary school 7-12Yrs

Our Primary school programme is aligned with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus and school rubric to confidently prepare your child for assessments and PSLE exams.

Our curriculum covers *All-in5, which includes:

  1. Syllabus – build a strong vocabulary with the Happy Pals textbook series.
  2. Comprehension – reading strategies and techniques for recognising textual clues in order to score.
  3. Composition – apply mindmap skills to draft writing to make the process much easier and to improve grammar clarity.
  4. Chinese Oral – train and discuss by listing hot topics/literature texts and current affairs.
  5. Chinese Listening – refer to the latest curriculum guidelines and engage in hands-on practice.

Class duration: 2hrs.

Average class size: 6 to 8 students.

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