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Looking for the best Chinese tuition in Jurong East? You’ve come to the right place. At HAO Chinese Tuition Centre, we offer a range of Chinese enrichment programmes tailored for children aged 3 to 16. Our team of dedicated, effectively bilingual teachers is ready to provide your child with a transformative educational experience right here in Jurong East.

Our Programs in Jurong East

Looking for the best Chinese tuition in Jurong East? You’ve come to the right place. At HAO Chinese Tuition Centre, we offer a range of Chinese enrichment programmes tailored for children aged 3 to 16. Our team of dedicated, effectively bilingual teachers is ready to provide your child with a transformative educational experience right here in Jurong East.

Children's Chinese Enrichment Programme (3-6 years old)


Our children’s Chinese enrichment programme in Jurong East introduces your child to the Chinese language in a fun and engaging manner. Our play-based learning approach encourages children to explore and learn through exciting activities and games.

Primary School Chinese Tuition (7-12 years old)

Primary (标语)

Our Primary School Chinese Tuition in Jurong East is designed to complement MOE’s curriculum and develop your child’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We emphasize on nurturing a love for the language while ensuring a solid foundation.

Secondary School Chinese Tuition (13-16 years old)

secondary chinese origin

In our Jurong East centre, the Secondary School Chinese Tuition focuses on advanced Chinese language skills, preparing your child for O-Level examinations. Our specialist teachers provide extensive practice and personalised feedback.

Han Yu Pin Yin

Han Yu Pin Yin banner

Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme is a series of only 12 lessons. This course is designed to assist students in: mastering pronunciation, improving Chinese reading, preparing for Primary school, facilitating Chinese input using the Pinyin keyboard.

Meet Our Expert Team in Jurong East

At HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East, we attribute our success to the dedicated team of educators who bring their passion and expertise to every class. Here’s why our team is exceptional:

  • Ex-MOE Chinese Teachers: Many of our teachers are former MOE professionals, bringing a wealth of experience from Singapore’s mainstream education system. They have an in-depth understanding of the MOE syllabus and teaching methods, ensuring our students receive a level of education that is on par with, if not better than, what’s offered at schools.
  • Masters and Ph.D. Degree Holders: Our team includes educators who hold advanced degrees in Chinese language and education. Their profound knowledge of the subject adds an extra layer of expertise to our curriculum, enhancing the learning experience for our students.
  • Passionate Educators: Beyond their qualifications and experiences, our teachers have a shared passion for teaching the Chinese language. They are committed to making each lesson engaging and exciting, kindling a love for the language in every student.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Our team regularly engages in professional development, staying abreast with the latest trends and techniques in Chinese language education. This dedication to continuous learning makes sure our teaching methods are always cutting-edge and effective.

Together, our expert team in Jurong East creates a nurturing and engaging environment that fosters a love for the Chinese language and culture in our students. Choose HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East for an enriching Chinese language learning journey for your child.

Why Choose HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East?

Conveniently located at the heart of Jurong East, our centre is easily accessible by both public and private transport. With modern, child-friendly facilities and a supportive learning environment, your child will find their journey of learning Chinese a joyous one.

Prime Location

Our Chinese Tuition Centre is strategically situated in the heart of Jurong East, making it easily accessible for families living in and around the area. Its proximity to major transportation links ensures a convenient commute for all our students.

Expert Teaching Team

We pride ourselves on our team of experienced and dedicated educators. Our teaching staff includes ex-MOE Chinese teachers, Chinese language educators with Masters and Ph.D. degrees, Chinese curriculum specialists, and effectively bilingual teachers. They bring their passion and expertise into every class, creating a vibrant learning environment that engages and motivates students.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to be in line with the MOE syllabus, ensuring our students stay ahead in school. We also incorporate innovative teaching methods that encourage critical thinking, cultural appreciation, and a deep understanding of the language.

Personalised Attention

We believe in the value of personalised teaching. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to pay individual attention to each student, understand their learning needs, cater to their pace, and track their progress regularly.

Modern Learning Resources

Our Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East is equipped with modern learning tools and resources to support effective learning. This includes interactive digital tools, a well-stocked library, and comfortable classrooms, providing an optimal learning environment.

Positive Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. We have a string of positive testimonials from satisfied parents who have seen marked improvements in their child’s Chinese language skills since joining our Chinese Tuition centre.


Choose HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East and give your child the boost they need in mastering the Chinese language.

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Parents and Students feedback


HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Jurong East has done wonders for my child. The teachers are dedicated, and the curriculum is comprehensive. I highly recommend it!

Mrs. Tan



Our goal is to cultivate confidence in our students to perform and attain high level achievement in Chinese language.

Chinese Tuition in Jurong East Frequently Asked Questions:

In our Jurong East location, each Chinese tuition class accommodates 6-8 students. This is to guarantee individual attention to every student’s learning needs.

Absolutely. Even without a Chinese-speaking environment at home, your child can benefit immensely from our classes. Thanks to our distinct *ELF method, all students, regardless of their linguistic background, can build a robust base in the Chinese language during their prime language acquisition years.

The *ELF method in our Chinese tuition program helps students enhance their vocabulary, recognize up to 3000 words, understand Chinese Phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin), develop a robust writing base, and improve confidence in public speaking.

We provide complimentary trial classes and assessments to gauge your child’s level of Chinese proficiency.

The journey of learning a language demands commitment, endurance, and rigorous efforts. To see significant progress, we advise parents to allow their child to complete a term (3 months), cooperating closely with our experienced instructors.

The 2R course, designed for enhancing students’ Chinese vocabulary from P1 to their current curriculum, employs story-telling, thematic games, flashcards, and reading practices. It aims to boost reading confidence, improve writing precision and spelling, thereby aiding in school assessments. Each 2R class lasts for 1 hour, maintaining an optimal class size of 6 to 8 students.

Our Secondary School program in Jurong East aligns with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, equipping students for Chinese examinations and GCE ‘O’ Level. The curriculum, which covers syllabus, cloze passage, comprehension, composition, and listening, is prepared by a team of well-qualified educators with rich teaching experience. The class duration is 2 hours, with an average class size of 6 to 8 students.

Our Primary School Programme aligns with the current MOE Chinese syllabus, preparing students for assessments and PSLE exams. The curriculum covers All-in5, including syllabus, comprehension, composition, oral, and listening. Classes are two hours long with an average size of 6 to 8 students.

Our Chinese Enrichment class encompasses activities such as reading and writing Chinese characters, understanding Chinese traditions, and engaging in interactive tasks to bolster Chinese language skills.

Our teaching staff comprises ex-MOE Chinese teachers, educators with Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Chinese, and effectively bilingual teachers.

Each session of our Chinese Enrichment class in Jurong East typically lasts between 1-2 hours.

The Han Yu Pin Yin Programme, spanning 12 lessons, focuses on mastering pronunciation, enhancing Chinese reading, and preparing for Primary school. Each class is 1 hour long, and accommodates 6 to 8 students on average.

The Chinese Enrichment class aims to lay a solid foundation in the Chinese language, boost confidence in speaking and writing, and impart an understanding of Chinese culture and history.

The Chinese Enrichment class utilizes a wide array of resources, including textbooks, worksheets, audio, and video recordings, to accelerate Chinese learning.

Our Jurong East HAO Chinese Tuition Centre offers Chinese Enrichment programs for children aged 3 to 16.

Each Chinese Tuition class in Jurong East accommodates between 4 to 8 students, depending on class size and availability.

Yes, we happily provide trial sessions for Chinese tuition in Jurong East. Please get in touch with us to schedule a convenient time and date.

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