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Embark your child on a journey to learn Chinese with our tailored programmes for every age and proficiency level, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging Chinese language learning experience.

The philosophy of Hao Chinese Tuition Centre: 'Confidence in Chinese Language',

This philosophy not only nurtures our students’ ability to express themselves effectively in both spoken and written Chinese but also fosters a deep appreciation and understanding of the language’s rich cultural heritage. 

At Hao Chinese Tuition, we offer a wide range of programmes, from Preschool, to Primary, to Secondary O level tuition in Singapore, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Our experienced educators in Yishun and Bukit Batok centres use innovative teaching methods to make learning Chinese enjoyable and effective, preparing students for success in PSLE, O Levels, and beyond in the landscape of education in Singapore.


Preschool 3-6 Yrs

Our Preschool (N1-K2) programme prepares your child for Primary education.
We created the *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) method to focus on your child's early literacy development.

Primary (标语)

Primary school 7-12 Yrs

Our Primary school programme is aligned with the latest MOE Chinese syllabus and school rubric to confidently prepare your child for assessments and PSLE exams.

secondary chinese origin

Secondary School 13-16 Yrs

Our Secondary School programme is aligned with the most recent MOE Chinese syllabus and marking schemes, allowing your child to confidently prepare for Chinese examinations and GCE ‘O’ Level. We value each student’s attention, so we limit our class size to an average of 6-8 students.

Han Yu Pin Yin banner

Han Yu Pin Yin

Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme is a series of only 12 lessons. This course is designed to assist students in: mastering pronunciation, improving Chinese reading, preparing for Primary school, facilitating Chinese input using the Pinyin keyboard.

2R: Read & Recognition (Primary levels)

2R (Read and Recognition) programme aims to support Primary students who are weak in the Chinese language. Students with Paper 2 scores below 60% are strongly advised to enroll in this course in order to re-build the foundation years and be well prepared for their PSLE the next time.

Shape Your Child's Future in Chinese Language with Hao Chinese Tuition

Guide your child towards fluency in Chinese with Hao Chinese Tuition’s engaging and comprehensive courses, specifically crafted for Singapore’s diverse educational needs. Seize the opportunity for their academic and personal growth in the Chinese language.

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