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Secondary School (13-16 Yrs)

Our Secondary School programme is aligned with the most recent MOE Chinese syllabus and marking schemes, allowing your child to confidently prepare for Chinese examinations and GCE ‘O’ Level. We value each student’s attention, so we limit our class size to an average of 6-8 students. 

Our Secondary programme covers:

  1. Syllabus – build a strong vocabulary with Secondary textbook that includes essential idioms / synonyms /famous Chinese sayings and proverbs.
  2. Cloze Passage – practice and mastery of both rational and emotional passages.
  3. Comprehension – reinforce techniques for new question types, MCQs, and open-ended questions in narrative /argumentative / explanatory passages.
  4. Chinese Composition – master both personal and official emails, as well as narrative and argumentative essay writing techniques.
  5. Chinese Oral and Listening – comply with MOE’s latest video oral format, learn how to effectively organise ideas and express opinions confidently.

Our Secondary curriculum is developed by a team of highly qualified teachers with decades of educational experience. Chen laoshi, the main editor, is a PhD student in Chinese programme at NTU. She has received numerous literary awards and is a master in Chinese language and culture. 

Class duration: 2hrs.

Average class size: 6 to 8 students.

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