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Preschool 3-6Yrs

Our Preschool (N1-K2) programme prepares your child for Primary education. We created the *ELF (Early Literacy Focus) method to focus on your child’s early literacy development.

Our *ELF method enable students to:

  1. Build a strong vocabulary – many of which are covered in the lower primary syllabus.
  2. Read and recognise – up to 3000 words.
  3. Understand Chinese Phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin) – get ready for Primary 1.
  4. Develop a complete writing foundation – Chinese strokes/radicals/characters and sentences.
  5. Maximise confidence in public speaking – across speech/drama and presentation.

Class duration: 1hr 30mins.

Average class size: 6 to 8 students.

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