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Han Yu Pin Yin Class Singapore 汉语拼音


Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme is a series of only 12 lessons.

Class duration: 1hr

Average class size: 6 to 8 students


This course is designed to assist students in:

  1. mastering pronunciation – correct tone is required to converse effectively in Mandarin.
  2. improving Chinese reading – read and recognise Chinese words with ease.
  3. preparing for Primary school – MOE P1 syllabus is primarily taught in Han Yu Pin Yin.
  4. facilitating Chinese input using the Pinyin keyboard – train for E-dictionary in Chinese Compo.

Learning Mandarin Through Han Yu Pin Yin Class Singapore

Mastering Han Yu Pin Yin can help you master Mandarin. While using Han Yu Pin Yin in the real world is not essential, it will take you one step closer to conversing with native speakers. With many Chinese being taught in Pinyin in Singapore schools, learning Han Yu Pin Yin will be an invaluable asset for any child who wishes to learn Chinese.

The Han Yu Pin Yin is a phonetic system for Mandarin Chinese developed in China in 1958. It was introduced as the official phonetic system for Mandarin Chinese for foreigners in mainland China in 1982. The system is used to help foreigners and non-Mandarin speakers learn Mandarin pronunciation and aid in teaching Mandarin to foreigners. 

It is often used as an input method for typing in Chinese on computers, mobile devices, and text messaging. Han yu pin yin is also used to learn Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for people who are learning the language and gives a deeper understanding of the language and how it works.

Benefits Of Learning Han Yu Pin Yin

The Han Yu Pin Yin system is a system that spells Chinese characters and words with the Latin alphabet based on their pronunciation, so you can learn how to pronounce them correctly. The system can be a handy tool for learners of Mandarin Chinese, as it helps train your ear to hear the correct tones and pronunciation of Chinese words. 

It provides the stepping stone for students new to Mandarin learning or as a refresher for those who have some exposure but need to get back on track with their pronunciation, reading, and writing abilities.

Purpose of Taking This Course

Developing Proper Pronunciation

Pronunciation is important because it helps you understand what people are saying. It also helps others understand you when you talk. When you speak Mandarin, proper pronunciation can help you sound more fluent and confident in your speech.

Improvement In Chinese Reading Comprehension

Learning Han Yu Pin Yin will help you read Mandarin more effectively. If you’re new to learning Mandarin, one of the first things you’ll have to do is learn how to read the language.

Primary School Preparation

Studying with an institution that requires you to pass the MOE P1 syllabus to advance to secondary school, it’s also vital that you learn this romanization system. The MOE P1 syllabus is taught primarily through Hanyu Pinyin.

Learning Chinese Characters Using Pinyin Keyboard

The program also facilitates inputting Chinese characters onto your computer using the Pinyin keyboard – train for E-dictionary in Chinese Compo!With this program offered by Hao Chinese Tuition, Han Yu Pin Yin Class Singapore is an excellent course for those who are serious about learning Mandarin through a different medium. As the name suggests, learning Mandarin at your own pace is easy and fun.


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