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Acing The Chinese Oral Exam 2023: 6 Tips for PSLE and O Level Students

The Chinese Oral Exam terrifies most students, regardless of their grade level. Your child might score better on their Chinese Oral Exam for PSLE and O Level if you follow these recommendations! Before we can start studying for the exam itself, we must first understand the rules of the Chinese Oral Exam.

Chinese oral exam preparation for PSLE and O Level may be noticed by parents and children first. Because of this, it may significantly affect your PSLE or O Level grade, which will impact your future study strategy. However, you should be fine if you know what you’re doing. Read on to learn advice from our knowledgeable MOE-trained educators!

1. Express Emotions With a Variety of Tones

Students pursuing the PSLE Chinese or O Level Chinese must grasp the art of oral expression and learn narrative mechanics. It’s terrific to express various emotions in the text using varied tones. Check for these errors when your child reads aloud to you. You can listen to your youngster read the essay aloud and assess their facial expression as a parent. This text is shocking. Is a question mark present? Is the text intimate? Your child should learn different tones so they can emphasise words that are important in a paragraph. They can read a passage with the right emotion and characterization when they can determine the passage’s tone. By keeping these in mind, they can prepare for and succeed in the Chinese oral test.

2. Speak Clearly

Your child’s verbal communication abilities, self-confidence in their ability to communicate, and overall academic success will all be assessed while taking the Chinese oral exam. Verbalising one’s thoughts and feelings to one’s child might take much work. Enunciate the words clearly to help students learn how to pronounce them correctly in various contexts as they prepare for their oral Chinese PSLE and O Level exams. Suppose they need help understanding specific terminology that they are unfamiliar with. In that case, you might instruct them to pronounce these lines loudly to show the examiner that you are confident and that they need help.

This Article will show you the Tips & Tricks To Help You Speak Clearly & Ace Your Chinese Oral Exams.

3. Take Your Time To Answer

Some students speed through their answers on the Chinese oral exams without checking to see if they answered the question correctly. The following advice can help students manage their test stress, particularly for PSLE and O Level exams. – Distraction from Stress – If they do something that makes them happy before taking the exam, they’d take the exam with less stress because the happiness would remain while they are taking the test – Tell them to go 80% – Instead of stressing the youngster to give it their all, tell them to go 80%. Giving only 80% will reduce stress and allow for 20% relaxation, making them more likely to recall what they have learned than those giving 100%. As a result, individuals need to respond more thoughtfully and effectively in a foreign language while speaking about a complex subject. Let them know that after hearing the question, they should think about their responsibilities before responding.

4. Focus

During the e-Video conversation, your child should pay close attention to the PSLE exam to determine the conversation’s key points and themes. Please look at the following advice to help them stay focused and prevent mental wandering. They must understand the story’s morals since they might use it as a discussion point with the examiners as they look for these points throughout the exam. Keep an eye out for what they say, and write down everything they say that might come up during the discussion.

5. Be Open & Honest When Answering Inquiries

Communicating your ideas and opinions is crucial to show that you comprehend the subject. By employing this technique, you show other people that you have done your research and are sure of your ability to support one side of an argument. As a parent, you should always encourage your children to talk freely and honestly throughout their Chinese O Level oral exams, regardless of how frightened they might be. Students’ responses will be of higher quality, and their capacity for critical thought and persuasive speaking will also increase if they incorporate their unique ideas. To assess students’ proficiency, examiners will consider how they answer test questions and use language to communicate.

6. Chinese Tuition

Suppose the parents and other family members must be more relaxed or prepared to practise regularly with the learner. In that case, we advise English-speaking families to look into private Chinese instruction sessions. You can raise your child’s Chinese oral grade from pass to merit or distinction with a few more individual classes without doing anything else. Additional benefits include increased testing frequency, more flexible learning, and more focused study so that what is learned is readily kept.

You may always sign up for a free trial Chinese class with HaoChinese in Singapore if you need help deciding which tuition centre to pick or want to make any snap decisions. Free trial lessons are also available. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

While HaoChinese is pleased to report that most students who enrol in their program have made enormous improvements, you may look at the parents’ testimonials to make an informed choice for your children!

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